SunKissed Luxury Scrub
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SunKissed Luxury Scrub

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Made with organic light brown sugar, lemon zest and Manuka honey, SunKissed will give your skin the wake up call it needs. Treats acne and brightens acne scars and also hyper-pigmentation.

SunKissed Luxury Sugar Scrub is the only way to go when it comes to obtaining an even skin tone and promoting a healthy glow. 

 8 oz.


  • Lemon oil

  • Tangerine oil

  • Orange oil

  • Lemon Zest

  • Golden jojoba oil

  • Manuka Honey

  • Organic Turmeric

  • Organic Light Brown Sugar

How to Use : Take small amount of Sugar Scrub onto loofah or washcloth, gently rub all over skin in a circular motion. Rinse to reveal flawless skin.

* Patch testing Recommended before use. External Use Only. Avoid Contact with Eyes.

* please be mindful turmeric can stain clothes, surfaces & nails.

We do not test any of our products on animals.